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Eco - Partners

Llama Deara Ranch is seeking eco-partners to share in the realization of its goals. The phased-in programs are described in the LDR project statement. Currently the ranch is on target for the scheduled milestones. As part of the reorganization and brainstorming sessions, potential partners can work with the Director to modify the existing project statement to reflect a new unified plan.

Well located close to Los Alamos, Taos, and Santa Fe, this property is suited for a Bed and Breakfast, a retreat center, community living, and more, having four fully independent living residences, all with kitchen, bath, and laundry facilities.

The property is also conducive to agriculture-based businesses, being blessed with fertile soil, water rights, a water harvesting system of collection tanks and a river canal that runs close to the owner's casita. A network of pumps, gates, and plumbing deliver water throughout the property, in the domestic gardens, apple grove, and pastures.

The Director will work with potential partners on environmentally sound and ecologically balanced programs and projects that support the community, the land, and wildlife.


The Director also seeks committed and creative interns for the development of and participation in programs in these areas:

  1. Cottage industries to sustain the ranch; planned businesses will focus on:
  2. Workshops for children, adolescents, and families that build social-emotional skills, self-esteem, empathy, and intimacy.

If you are genuinely interested in an internship at Llama Deara, please fill out and send the following application to the Director.
     Intern Application as .pdf file
     Intern Application as Word document


Many people have contributed to the Director's vision of Llama Deara Ranch - friends, farmers, and helpers. At some point, perhaps this page can be expanded to include descriptions and photos of you all, with the Director's gratitude for all you have done.

At this time, the Director wishes to recognize especially Richard Voss, Ph.D, Cecilia Ramos, and Dylan Spaulding, Ph.D.

Richard Voss, Professor of Physics and Mathematics at Florida Atlantic University and occasional financial modeling consultant, generously donates his time to the construction and creative design of the Llama Deara Web site on an ongoing basis. To enjoy Richard's artwork and mesographs related to Llama Deara, see Store.

Cecilia Ramos, gifted artist and graduate of the architecture master program at Princeton, collaborated with Llama Deara Ranch to create the wondrous felt jewelry, belts, and purses available in the Store. Llama Deara was blessed with her effervescent spirit and creativity in the summer of 2006. For more highlights of Cecilia's art and design, see

Dylan Spaulding is a New Mexico native and graduate of Brown University where he received his Bachelor's degree in Physics. He now works as a Graduate Student Researcher at UC Berkeley, Department of Earth and Planetary Science. Dylan has been involved in outdoor education since high school, was a natural science teacher for the Maria Mitchell Association on the island of Nantucket, and was the first scientist to work with the Director in the animal-assisted program to develop empathy.

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